A teacher’s point of view – why it is important to offer Bikeability to pupils….


Emma is a school teacher and was asked a few questions by our Partnerships Manager – Benjamin Smith – this summer:

Q. Has your class benefited from doing Bikeability training?
Yes, they have benefited enormously as they have all shown me that they have become more confident as cyclists, they’ve enjoyed learning the rules of the road and they have told me that they are more confident to go out independently now.

Q. Have they passed any tips on to you?
They have been talking to me about the different positions on the road – they have been telling me about how to do a U-turn, or how to turn right. And they have been explaining the different positions, so the primary position is when you are in the middle of the road and the secondary position, if I remember right, is when you are on the left and you are sharing the road with other people. So they were telling me how to make a U-turn or turn right safely. And they also told me that you don’t have to use a hand signal if there is nothing behind you, and I wasn’t aware of that before.

Q. So has it been easy to organise Bikeability training?
Absolutely yes. We have just fitted it in. You have to be flexible at school anyway so we were able to pull children out of class because this is as important to us as learning Maths and English as a life skill.

Q. Do you think Bikeability training is a good idea?
Absolutely. Our children are fast approaching summer holidays. I am sure they are going to be out and about on their bicycles now and more independently as they leave school. It is just peace of mind for parents and confidence building for children. I am sure their cycling is going to be safer as a result of the course.

Q. Should other children do the course?
I would recommend it – highly recommend it.

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