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1. Welcome

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Do check out our”>’new look’ website with lots of advice and resources in the Bikeability Club and Cycle More pages.

We want this bimonthly newsletter (and the Bikeability Club content on our website) to be useful and interesting. If you have suggestions eg. for topics you would like discussed, information or advice, or particular stories covered tell us!:

We’ll be producing an additional newsletter in January with more information about the 2020 Bikeability Awards nomination process, and a special New Year pledge campaign. Keep an eye out for this and in the meantime – Happy Xmas, happy cycling!

2. 2020 Bikeability Awards – NOMINATIONS open in January

Nominations for the 2020 National Bikeability Awards will be opened on the Bikeability Trust website in January. Anyone can submit a nomination – so get thinking about potential nominees who you could submit for an Award, and tell your colleagues/schools/friends about the opportunity to submit a nomination(s) too.

In 2020 the categories will be as follows: Instructor of the Year, Provider of the Year, LA/SGO Host School Partner of the Year, Trainee of the Year, School Employee/Governor of the Year & Most proactive Primary School of the Year (NEW for 2020)

To give you some inspiration you might wish to read/listen to the stories of some of the 2019 Trainee of the Year nominees: William’s story; Conall’s story; Mekhei’s story.

3. 2019 Bikeability Story Competition – £50 high street voucher to be won!

We are running a prize draw story competition, open to all Bikeability trainees, families and their school teachers or instructors, inviting them to submit a story via the Bikeability website for the chance to win a £50 high street voucher. The story theme is: Cycling after Bikeability in 2019 ie. stories of how Bikeability training has inspired more regular cycling. Deadline for entry: 31st December 2019.


4. This Month’s Story – Inclusive Cycling Success!

Sadie Stoddard, who is missing part of her lower right arm and hand due to an upper limb difference, used a specially adapted bike and an ‘inclusive’ solution to sail through her Bikeability training. The Bikeability provider, TTC, designed a specially adapted helmet to help her succeed. Read the full story here.

And a couple of interesting items here:

  • British Cycling’s ‘Xmas Film’ (above) – an inspiring story of how Kye Whyte went from cycling as a kid to an Olympic hopeful!
  • Political parties recognise the importance of Bikeability in their manifestos
  • British Heart Foundation study finds children get more inactive with each year of primary school

    • 5. Parents’ Points of View

      We’ve been asking parents to tell us what they think about Bikeability training. Here are two video interviews based on their experiences this year.

      6. Top Tip of the Month – Winter Cycling / Bikes for Xmas

      On a clear, crisp winter’s day it can be great to be out on your bike as a family, taking advantage of the precious daylight hours and getting some fresh air at the weekend. However to fully enjoy your excursion you need to be able to stay warm and dry. Check out our Seasonal Cycling page for a few tips on how to manage this.

      And if you are considering a new bike for your child for Christmas, our friends at Halfords have made it easy for you with their Christmas Club.

      For other resources, including how to cycle as a family, and where to ride, take a look at our Cycle More pages.

      7. Introducing Busby

      ‘Busby’ is a free app which detects an incident and sends a notification to a chosen individual and emergency services, as well as enabling reporting of the incident at the click of a button.
      Cycling is also incentivised, offering offer points per mile so that users can access discounts with selected Busby partners on goods or services. As the app develops, a ‘halo’will be created around each app user, alerting compatible SatNavs to the presence of a vulnerable road user. Anonymised data collection will also provide insight into hotspot locations. With 10 being the average age that a child gets their first phone this app.may be interest. Busby is working in partnership with the Bobby Colleran Trust. More information here.

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