Modeshift aims to secure increased levels of safe, active and sustainable travel in educational establishments, businesses and communities thereby engendering widespread travel behaviour change in the long term. It seeks to do this by representing its members’ needs and supporting sustainable travel practitioners through a range of new and existing services.

Modeshift runs a National Travel Planning Awards scheme, including Modeshift STARS awards programme for schools.

The Bikeability Trust is keen to support the STARS awards scheme, to encourage schools across the country to get STARS accreditation and gain the chance to be nominated for an award. Bikeability training is an important component of many of the participating schools travel plan ‘package’. It is encouraging to see how combining a number of different sustainable travel initiatives can have a great impact on influencing modal shift and supports on-going cycling activity, both amongst Bikeability trainees but also their families.

To find out more visit the Modeshift website.

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