About Bikeability Plus

Bikeability Plus is a series of 10, free-standing modules designed to ensure that children and families are given the opportunities, skills, support and guidance that they need to make cycling part of their everyday life. They are intended to complement and support Bikeability training (Levels 1, 2 and 3) which is aimed at improving the cycling skills and confidence of trainees who can already ride.

In particular, the modules have been developed to address some of the ‘barriers’ to getting children cycling. For instance, they help to get non-riders riding, parents involved and supportive, those without access to a working bike included, and provide knowledge about local cycling routes/opportunities to enable continued cycling after training.

An Introduction to Bikeability Plus

An Introduction to Bikeability Plus

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Why Bikeability Plus?

It is clear that children who cycle regularly benefit from improved physical and emotional confidence, decision-making and independence. There are also significant health benefits if children keep cycling throughout their lives. So far over 2 million children across England have enjoyed Bikeability training, gaining cycling confidence and skills through hands-on teaching by experts.

Yet some children do not take up Bikeability training whilst others don’t sustain cycling activity after training. Children have to know how to cycle to participate in Bikeability but some have never learned. Not every child has access to a cycle for use in training and afterwards. Children need to practice what they have learned in Bikeability if they are to continue cycling, but not all have parents who know how to support their cycling.

This is where Bikeability Plus comes in!

What is Bikeability Plus?

Bikeability Plus aims to help everyone make the most of Bikeability training and keep cycling afterwards. Follow the links below for more information about Bikeability Plus modules, how they are delivered, and also received by participants!

The modules were developed in collaboration with the cycle training industry so as not to reinvent the wheel: thank you to all those who volunteered to pool their knowledge for the benefit of all Bikeability providers.

Who is Bikeability Plus for?

Anyone from 4 to 94! Bikeability Balance sessions are already very popular but there are many others. For instance, Bikeability Learn to Ride is for all ages and includes Bikeability sessions for parents and school staff. Bikeability Fix is great for adults and the wider school community to get hands-on repairing cycles, and Bikeability Recycle takes this a step further by repairing cycles donated by the school community and passing them on to families who can’t afford one.