Funding & Delivery

How can Bikeability Plus be funded, and how is it delivered? Further information is given below.

Who can deliver Bikeability Plus?

Qualified instructors registered with the Department for Transport (DfT) deliver Bikeability and Bikeability Plus. Many schools use external cycle instructors, but school staff can also be taught to deliver Bikeability and/or Bikeability Plus themselves. This will involve attendance at a multi-day training course to become a qualified instructor registered with the DfT, and then participation in on-going quality reviews. Having ‘in-house’ trainers means there are no further external costs, so this may be a good solution for a larger school or staff who work at more than one school.

What about funding for Bikeability Plus?

Most Local Highway Authorities and some School Games Host Organiser Schools receive grant funding from the DfT to deliver Bikeability and Bikeability Plus, with a small proportion currently spent on Bikeability Plus. Other sources of funding schools may decide to use include for Bikeability Plus include PE, Sport and Pupil Premium funding, as they feel is appropriate to the module and the childrens’ needs.

Fees charged by external training providers to deliver Bikeability Plus vary depending on the module, timing, number of trainees and other factors. Contact your local registered Bikeability scheme to check which modules they offer, whether they can offer instructor training for school staff and estimated costs.

Talk to your local Bikeability provider about the options. (see Search box below)