“Free cycling training for everyone who wants it:” Boris Johnson’s vision for cycling and walking


The Bikeability Trust welcomes the Prime Minister’s vision for “free cycling training for everyone who wants it,” as detailed in the Department for Transport’s Vision for Cycling and Walking. Since 2007, the Department for Transport’s Bikeability programme has provided cycle training for over 3.5million children and young people in England. Our workforce of over 2500 qualified Bikeability instructors are committed to our vision to ensure that everyone can learn to cycle confidently and safely.

The many benefits of the Bikeability programme can be applied to children and adults alike, with participants reporting increased confidence and displaying increased cycling ability. Therefore, we are delighted that the government will provide funding for those adults looking to take advantage of this cycling revolution. This summer, through the Bikeability programme, we are already offering adult cycle training based on the National Standard for Cycle Training, to help adults realise the health, wellbeing and economic benefits of cycling.

We are pleased to see the children’s bikes will also be included in the Fix your Bike Voucher Scheme. Bikeability training includes the importance of an ABC (Air, Brakes, Chain) check before every cycle, to help children identify that their bikes are safe and ready to ride. Many Bikeability providers have been encouraged to register to deliver the Fix your Bike scheme and we hope to see many more families take safely to the roads as a result of this scheme.

We have also launched a series of online resources developed to support families looking to cycle more, in response to Covid-19. Alongside this, we are currently piloting a new family training module and running a national summer campaign, encouraging families to #CycleMore2020. We look forward to working with Department for Transport to fully realise Government’s ambitions for cycling.

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