Bikeability Level 1

The Bikeability Level 1 course aims to develop mastery in cycle handling in an off-road environment and prepare riders for cycling on the road. Riders must be able to cycle (i.e. pedal and glide) to participate in Bikeability Level 1.

Bikeability is government-recognised, practical and professional training, and we know that cyclists are more skilled and more confident once they’ve taken part. Riders will usually be trained in a group of 3-12, though individual training may also be available in your area.

At Level 1 riders:

  • Prepare themselves for a journey
  • Check the cycle is ready for a journey
  • Set off, pedal, slow down and stop
  • Pedal (including looking behind, cycling one handed, turning and controlling speed)
group of children holding certificates

Watch the Bikeability Level 1 Video

My son has learnt to ride over three lessons and completed his Bikeability Level 1!

My son is on the autistic spectrum, has hyper mobility, a weak core and high anxiety. This combined, has prevented him from trying to ride without his stabilisers. The feeling of trying and failing was just too much for him.

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