Bikeability Plus

Bikeability Plus is a series of free-standing modules designed to ensure that children and families are given the opportunities, skills, support and guidance that they need to make cycling part of their everyday life.

They are intended to complement and support Bikeability training (Levels 1, 2 and 3) which is aimed at improving the cycling skills and confidence of those who can already ride.

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Why Bikeability Plus?

It is clear that children who cycle regularly benefit from improved physical and emotional confidence, decision-making and independence. There are also significant health benefits if children keep cycling throughout their lives. So far over 2 million children across England have enjoyed Bikeability training, gaining cycling confidence and skills through hands-on teaching by experts.

Yet some children do not take up Bikeability training whilst others don’t sustain cycling activity after training. Children have to know how to cycle to participate in Bikeability but some have never learned. Not every child has access to a cycle for use in training and afterwards. Children need to practise what they have learned in Bikeability if they are to continue cycling, but not all have parents who know how to support their cycling.

This is where Bikeability Plus comes in!

What is Bikeability Plus?

Bikeability Plus aims to help everyone make the most of Bikeability training, preparing participants for the course and then to keep cycling afterwards. Follow the links below for more information about Bikeability Plus modules, how they are delivered, and also received by participants!

The Bikeability Plus modules were developed in collaboration with the cycle training industry so as not to reinvent the wheel: thank you to all those who volunteered to pool their knowledge for the benefit of all Bikeability providers.

Who is Bikeability Plus for?

Anyone from 4 to 94! Bikeability Balance sessions are already very popular but there are many others. For instance, Bikeability Learn to Ride is for all ages and includes Bikeability sessions for parents and school staff. Bikeability Fix is great for adults and the wider school community to get hands-on repairing cycles, and Bikeability Recycle takes this a step further by repairing cycles donated by the school community and passing them on to families who can’t afford one. Bikeability Family is a training package to help people living in the same household to cycle together and Bikeability Adult is for adults who can already ride, to help them plan and enjoy cycling journeys with skill and confidence.

Bikeability Plus Videos

The 3 videos (covering Bikeability Balance, Bikeability Learn to Ride and Bikeability Fix) below give a great introduction to Bikeability Plus and what it can offer.

Descriptions and outcomes of Bikeability Plus modules

MODULE Description Outcome
BALANCE Develops those crucial early cycle handling and awareness skills in 4-7 year olds using games on balance bikes, trikes or adapted cycles. Drives up confidence and inspires progression to pedal cycling. Preparation for Bikeability Level 1 training.
BUS A supervised group ride to and from school for children, parents and school staff. Inspires regular cycling through frequent, supervised social rides to and from school.
FIX Learn basic bike maintenance including puncture repair. Children learn how to keep their cycles up and running safely long term, so they can always ride.
LEARN TO RIDE For riders who can balance, this module is designed for anyone who has yet to master pedalling. Suitable for any age. Progression from Bikeability Balance and preparation for Bikeability Level 1. Can involve non-riding parents and school staff.
ON SHOW Allows parents and teachers to see us in action: both the skills children learn and the way we work with them. Parents and teachers understand Bikeability better and are enabled to support children’s cycling.
PARENTS Compressed core Bikeability ‘taster’ to boost knowledge, confidence and skills for parents and teachers who ride. Parents understand Bikeability better, and are inspired to ride more including as a family.
PROMOTION ‘Have a go’ sessions for anyone in your community with an emphasis on fun, not teaching. Novice riders are encouraged to try cycling, discover new cycles and ride more.
RECYCLED Unused, old or damaged cycles are repaired with the aim to get them running again, so they can be passed on to people who can’t afford to buy. Generates goodwill and free bikes for those who need them, often as a way to help children who will soon do Bikeability training.
RIDE A series of short pre-planned led rides on low-traffic and/or car-free routes. Builds confidence in novice riders, embeds learning from Bikeability training, inspires exploration of neighbourhood by cycle.
TRANSITION Riders plan a route from primary school to their new secondary school and cycle this route as a group, led by instructors. Provides children who are transitioning from primary school to secondary school the opportunity to think about active travel choices and the experience of a typical journey that they can make to their next school by cycle.
ADULT A course which is designed to meet the riders specific training needs. Riders should complete a self assessment form upon which their bespoke training session is based. At the end of the session riders should be more confident to ride a cycle for their intended purpose, and have met their individual goals for the session.
FAMILY A course a training package to help people living in the same household to cycle together. By the end of the module, at least one adult householder should have demonstrated National Standard assessment criteria to least to Bikeability Level 2. They should be able to plan enjoyable group rides and help others develop their cycling skills and confidence.

Delivering Bikeability Plus in Chorley, Lancashire

As a scheme manager and hands-on trainer Mark Sheffield has directly seen the impact Bikeability Plus modules can have – from the well-known Bikeability Balance and Bikeability Learn to Ride modules to newer ones such as Bikeability Transition.

Delivering Bikeability Plus in Callington, Cornwall

Bikeability Balance, Bikeability Learn to Ride and Bikeability Parents are currently delivered free to trainees using DfT funding applied for by the Arena School Sports Partnership (SSP).

Bristol's Success Securing Funding for Bikeability Plus

Schools are generally happy to spend their sport premium funding on Bikeability, I think they are glad to be able to use their budget. We just mention it right from the start.

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