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There are so many reasons you may want to use a cycle to make a journey, like cycling to the shops, leading family leisure rides, or commuting to work. This training module is for adults who can already ride, to help them plan and enjoy cycling journeys with skill and confidence.

The first step it to work out what sort of training you need. Please complete this registration and self-assessment form. It will help your training provider design a course that meets your needs, and provides contact information for them to contact you. You can search for local training providers here.

Cycle Check

Your cycle must in working order and ready to ride before training begins. A great idea is to get it to the local bike shop for a service prior to any training. To learn how to check over your own cycle, to make sure they are ready to go before any ride, click here to learn the ‘M check’. Your training provider might be able to supply a cycle if you don’t have one.

Helmet fitting

Wearing a helmet is a personal choice. If helmets are required for training, you should be able to fit their own helmets. Click here to find out how. Your training provider may be able to supply a helmet if you don’t have one.

Fix a puncture

One essential skill that is not covered in this module is how to fix a puncture. Knowing how to fix a puncture is not hard, and will give you confidence to cycle further. Watch this video from our friends at CyclingUK to find out how, and practise at home.

Route planning

The training takes place on a route you plan that has been checked and risk assessed by your instructor. Unless told otherwise by your instructor, please plan a short route from home to place you would like to visit. This could be the shops, maybe the park or even work. You will need to share the route with your training provider so the instructor can check and risk assess it before training starts.

When planning a route, read these tips, and think about the following:

  • Can I make use of any bike lanes or cycle paths?
  • Are there any local roads that I really do not feel comfortable riding on?
  • What is the condition of the local roads?
  • What is the most direct route? Do I want to take it? If not, why not?

A great online route planner can be found here on CyclingUK’s website.

Get Familiar with the ‘Four Core Functions’

Cycling safely and enjoyably on the road boils down to doing four things in every part of your journey:

  • Look – make good and frequent observations
  • Position – choose and maintain the most suitable riding positions
  • Communicate – signal intentions clearly to others
  • Prioritise – understand priorities on the road, particularly at junctions.

Here are some videos to show you how this looks in practice:

Additional information can also be found on the Cycle More pages of our website.

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