Get Ready

Before your course it is really important to have a few things sorted including: Your bike, your helmet and your clothing. We’ve put together some tips for you to make sure you are all set before taking part in training.


Make sure you check that your bike is in good working order, with the tyres inflated and the moving parts working well. If you need to take it to a bike shop before-hand, don’t leave it to the last minute!


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  1. Make sure your saddle, handlebars and wheels are fixed on tight
  2. Ensure both your front and rear brakes work properly
  3. Run through all of your gears
  4. Clean and oil your chain regularly
  5. Check your tyres are pumped up

Watch our video to see the checks in action!


A requirement of the course is that you know how to fit your helmet properly.

helmet fit

Your helmet should sit on top of your head comfortably, (not too tight or too loose), with the peak sitting about two fingers width from your eyebrows.
The side adjusters should sit just below your ears forming a nice V on the side of your head, and the chin strap should allow for two fingers to fit between it and your chin.


You should wear whatever you would normally wear to school, but you must also be prepared for the weather. On cold or wet days, make sure that you have your coat and gloves, and an extra layer or two. With a change of clothes available, just in case. On warm sunny days make sure you have put on a good amount of suncream at the start of the day and keep drinking water throughout the day. And a top tip – as you will be using a bit more energy than normal bring an extra snack, also making sure you’ve had a good breakfast before school.

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