Be Prepared

Make a good ride a great one by making sure everything is taken well care of. Check out what we recommend, from cycling in the rain to getting the best from your bike.

Cycling Guidance during Covid-19

We have put together the following guidance about how to cycle safely and responsibly during lockdown, and also to reduce the risk of infection while travelling for essential journeys for daily exercise, shopping or to get to/from work by pedal cycle.

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adult cycling along footpath in a park

Seasonal Cycling

Be prepared for any weather with this handy guide; things to consider for both summer and winter!

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two boys checking tyre pressure

Looking After
Your Bike

Some helpful tips and resources to help keep your bike working well, because a clean & well looked after bike is a happy bike, and a happy bike makes a happy rider!

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Get Cycling Regularly

Making cycling a regular, everyday activity requires initial commitment and planning. But once it becomes a habit for you and your family there are so many benefits it is well worth the initial effort for so many reasons!

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