Looking After Your Bike

A clean bike is a happy bike, and a happy bike makes a happy rider!

two boys checking tyre pressure

Regular cleaning and checking over is time very well spent. This is because overall it will be an easier ride, the moving parts will wear out slower, you will be able to spot any problems which may develop a lot sooner, and you will feel great every time that you jump back on your nice, clean, well maintained bike. And you will save money in the long run, avoiding having to replace expensive parts and servicing. Here are just four ESSENTIALS to get you on your way:

  • Always do a simple pre-ride check. A simple M-check will help you to spot if anything is loose or not quite working properly before you ride
  • Keep the chain clean, this can be as simple as (after each ride) using a degreaser to remove the grime and dust, then add fresh lubricant
  • Never pressure wash your bike. This might feel like a very quick and effective way to get it clean but you will end up driving the grease out of the moving parts, leading to faster wear, so use a bucket and gentle hose instead!
  • Get your bike professionally serviced at least once a year at your local bike shop depending on use. If you are a frequent rider, do this every 6 months – your bike will thank you!

For much more detail and practical ‘how-to’s, our friends at Sustrans, Cycling UK and British Cycling have all produced a wealth of materials, which will be well worth you time investigating.

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