Why not make a pledge to get our riding more as a family during 2020, and make use of your Bikeability cycle training skills? You’ll have fun, get fit, plus it’s sociable and you’ll explore new places along the way too! To inspire you we’ve created some ‘2020 Pledge Buttons’, shared some Hints and Tips to help you cycle more over the summer, and got some feedback from our Bikeability Ambassadors about the pledges they are going to make!


We’ve produced a series of Cycle More 2020 ‘Pledge Buttons’ to inspire you to CycleMore2020. You can also download and share them with your friends / family via email/social media so they know what you are doing and why! Who knows – they might also be inspired to sign up themselves.

Choose your pledge

Of course our 2020 Pledge Buttons are very general. You will probably have your own particular goals/aspirations to CycleMore2020 – from taking part in a charity ride… to riding to/from the park every weekend… to joining a local cycle club and taking part in regular, organised cycle rides. Whatever takes your fancy – it’s all contributing to CycleMore 2020!

Take a look at the pledges some of our Bikeability Ambassadors have made to CycleMore2020. And don’t forget to send us your stories of how you have turned your CycleMore2020 pledge into action – we’d love to hear how you get on!

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To help you, your friends and family meet your pledge(s) we’ve put together some suggestions to get started.


  • family cycling along gravel path in national park

    Planning Your Trip

    If you are planning to take your family on a leisure ride, there are a number of things worth considering when planning your trip.

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  • cycle route signpost

    Where to Ride

    If you need a little help to choose a destination for your family bike ride take a look here.

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  • commuter with backpack cycling on orange bike

    Be Prepared

    Check out our hints and tips about seasonal cycling and preparing your bike.

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  • Get Inspired by Other Families' Stories

    Read why other families have loved cycling more this year - and get inspired!

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There are lots of events, organised rides and other cycling activities taking place around the country. You might also think about joining a local club – it’s a great way to get out riding regularly, as well as being fun and sociable. Take a look at the links below to see what’s available near you.

  • group of adult cyclists at sunset

    Cycling Groups & Events

    Advice on joining a local cycling group or event.

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  • man being helped on tricycle by cycle instructor

    Useful Links

    Other useful links and advice about events, clubs & activities (and route planning).

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adults cycling along footpath in a park

Helen's Pledge

I think, in my role co-ordinating a local community bike club as a volunteer instructor next year I am going to focus on encouraging more ladies and girls to re-engage with cycling through building confidence by offering more social rides. We get a lot of mums wanting to get out with their kids but they are not confident enough to do so. It is tricky to cycle as a family on our local roads and mountain biking is not everyone’s cup of tea. Also we get lots of girls dropping out of the club at about 10 years old, so this a challenge I want to tackle.

Pamela and Hayley’s pledge

After nearly completing our challenge of at least 100 miles every month through 2019 and collecting our medals each month, Hayley and I are looking for a 2020 challenge, and it’s looking likely to be a virtual Route 66, as a 2 Ladies Go Cycling team!

Karen, a Bikeability instructor says:

Our pledge would be to introduce more non riders to cycling! We’ve invested in some new balance bikes and hope to introduce training into our schools this year to encourage early riders. Cycling is a valuable life skill, whether it’s riding as a family, to school or to work!

Harry, from Brighton, East Sussex has pledged:

- to be a kinder, more forgiving and more generous cyclist and road user
- to help my daughter commute to university by bike
- to train and support local kids to be on their bikes more (I’m a Bikeability instructor)
- to engage with my local council (Brighton and Hove City Council) over their plans and actions to enable and encourage more cycling in the city, to use the infrastructure and give feedback on it
- to be a role model and example to my friends and family that bikes are a real alternative to cars
- to take a greater part in Brighton cycling organisations and community groups
- to promote the idea that (unless people are restricted by health or dependency issues) journeys under a mile are better on foot and journeys under three miles are better by bike
- and to ride the Avenue Verte south from Dieppe!


Help us provide more children with a vital life-skill and a rite of passage - learning how to ride a bike! Bikeability training, which creates more new cyclists, helps to solve many problems we face today as a society - less congestion, less air pollution, personal physical and mental benefits, and a better, safer and more sociable community environment.

100% of your donation will be used to provide additional Bikeability training to children that aren’t currently able to access lessons (no overhead charges will be applied).

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