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Thank you to everyone who entered our #CycleMore2020 Summer Competition, Our judges, Chris Heaton-Harris MP, the Minister of State for Transport, Emily Cherry, our Executive Director, and Jerry Lawson, the CEO of Frog Bikes, loved seeing all of your cycling stories!

The judges selected a shortlist of their 12 favourite entries, which you can see below, and then chose Juliet as the lucky winner. She won £250, which she plans to spend on a Frog Bike for her grand-daughter Ella

Winning Entry: Juliet, Facebook

Juliet said:
Ella's first cycle ride, be brave, join in, keep up, slow down, stop and listen, mind out!, swans with cygnets, speed up, look at me, proud Dad, happy Grandad, people waving, what's a barge?, trees make cool, water makes light, flowers, summer smells, count the butterflies, picnic in a pannier, let's go!, together, off on my own, leading the way

Francesca, Instagram

Francesca said:
I'm so proud of my daughter who I sent out side during the holidays with her bike to get her going minus stabilisers; it took me, her siblings and a family friend some patience but we got there in the end and went from "I don't want to!" To "Mummy, can you take me on a bike ride around the estate please?" Her bike has got her away from too much screen time and gained fun, fresh air and exercise!

Jemma, Twitter

Jemma said:
We love cycling as a family as it keeps us fit and something we can all do, Grandad's changed to an electric bike now and is always over taking us!

Karen, Facebook

Karen said:
Both my son and I have done several of the Bikeability awards and a maintenance workshop at Halfords. Whilst he loves riding his bike anywhere, his real passion is exploring off-road. He was surprised when he came across this ford whilst exploring a bridle way (hubby knew it was there) and despite our best efforts, we all got wet feet! Which he thought was a great adventure.

Rai, Facebook

Rai said
We love cycling in the forest because it gives us time to just enjoy being with each other with no technology to distract us. We love the fresh smell of pine needles and cycling always manages to turn our frowns upside down!

Sophie, Instagram

Sophie said:
Cycling has been our saviour this year, and feels like it was the only things that wasn’t cancelled. It’s provided structure for our day when the schools shut their gates, put a huge smile on our faces, even on the days we got completely soaked and me and the boys have been trying to keep up with their super dad @jonathancowling who took on the challenge of cycling 300km for charity this August. We’ve had so many cycling experiences these past 6 months, from getting stuck in the mud, nearly getting knocked off our bike by a bird of prey, and oh! I mustn’t forget the time we rescued a lady who fell of her horse and had to wait for the air ambulance, it really has been quite an adventure

Jane, Instagram

Jane said:
This year our youngest has been old enough to join us on family bike rides, we love wet rides, cycling as fast as we can through massive puddles and having a competition of who's the dirtiest when we get home. We have so much fun and our 14year old and 6 year old love having an activity they can both enjoy together. We put the bikes on the car and go all over together, exploring new places and revisiting our faves. We are also very lucky having lots of places to cycle from our front door!

Nikki, Instagram

Nikki said:
Family cycling adventures don't have to be epic treks for miles, they can be something as simple as an inclusive wheeled journey outdoors for everybody, cycling brings fun, freedom and family together!

Rebecca, Twitter

Rebecca said:
My daughter is seven she's had 3 bikes started off at 2 with a balance bike and loves it. I make sure she's always got a helmet and the bike is correct for her size. I think bikes are a really important part of childhood and adulthood

Pienaar Family, Instagram

The Pienaar family talked about taking part in the Bikeability Family pilot:
The course provided us with the skills as a family to plan some routes around the village. Before each ride, we checked that our bikes were ready, learnt how to cycle safely, respond to situations with vehicles and maintain suitable riding positions. We learnt how to communicate with other road users, and negotiate junctions. For our final session today we headed out on a road with speeds above 30 mph... which the boys handled like absolute CHAMPIONS! We cycled all the way to Durham Ox in Shrewley, where we celebrated with ice cream and coffee (for the adults) before cycling back home. I am so unbelievably proud of them. Here's to many more memories together as a family...on our bikes. Whoop Whoop!!

Nikolas, Instagram

Nikolas said:
We love cycling - it's fast and fun, and gives the kids the freedom and independence to get around. And you don’t need to wait until your kids are old enough to ride themselves to start enjoying the benefits of cycling as a family. Something to do together in the fresh air as a family that's free and fun

Fiona, Instagram

Fiona said:
This summer our bikes have become so much more than just a mode of transport ..they have been the road to freedom and escape. With the roads so much quieter and the tracks much emptier cycling was a joy and family fun. I still ride my bike I was given for my 21st birthday and I love it. Even though cars are allowed again now I have set myself a target that if my journey is less than 2 miles then I will always try and use my bike.

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