Cycle More And Have Fun

Cycling is more than a hobby; it's a life skill. Watch our video to discover how to cycle more - and have fun!

Top tips to cycle on the road from The Bikeability Trust

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    Perform an “ABCD” safety check of your Air, BrakesChain and Direction before every ride 

  2. 2


    Be aware of your surroundings at all times 

  3. 3


    Take the most suitable riding positions and own your space on the road; keep out of the gutter and use the middle of your lane at junctions.  

  4. 4


    Riding position, arm signals and making eye contact are all useful ways to communicate your intentions clearly to others

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    Stick to the rules of road, remember who has priority at each stage of your journey and enjoy your ride!

£18m announced for cycle training for children and their families

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has announced  £18m for cycle training across the country to ensure children and their families have the confidence to choose active travel, as the Government encourages everyone walk or cycle where possible.

Read the Press Release

Got any questions?

Find our more about Bikeability and what to expect from our cycle training in our FAQs. We answer everything, including when children can take part in Bikeability, what you need to prepare them for their training and how we adapt our training to suit every child's needs.

Read Our FAQs

What can Bikeability Family do for you?

We speak to Kieron McNab from Outspoken, one of our Bikeability cycle training providers.

“You often see families cycling with the parent in front and the kids dangling behind; what we’re actually trying to do with Bikeability Family is reverse that. When children lead and cycle in front of the adult, the parent can always see the situation and, as a result, parents feel much more in control and much more confident as well.

Often, parents learnt to cycle on a school playground or on the quietest streets of their hometown. As they’ve grown up, roads have become busier and there is definitely a perceived risk about cycling on roads with traffic. One of our challenges is instilling parents with the confidence to allow their children to cycle and interact with other road users. The Bikeability Family cycle training often reveals that this lack of confidence is due to the parent’s own cycling skills and experience, not their child’s.

All the cycle routes we helped families develop were short. When you have that extra support and confidence to cycle, there is no need to jump in a car for a journey that is only a mile or so. It’s accessible, whatever your level of fitness, and there’s no need to think about needing a shower or change of clothes when you reach your destination.

We also discovered that most families plan their routes based on their car journey, which isn’t always the best option on a bike. We worked with families to plan the best cycle route for their journey; for example, a diversion across a park or alongside a river, which may be five minutes longer but creates a much quieter and scenic ride. In terms of enjoyment, the experience is much better, especially when cycling together as a family.”

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