Getting Started

After receiving Bikeability training, parents can be much more confident in their child’s ability to cycle well on roads, and the trainees will be keen to get out and test their new skills, exploring their local area with mum or dad.

So what things do you need to bear in mind before heading out on your bikes as a family? To help you plan, below are a few simple things to consider.

parent and children cycling along footpath in a park


If you haven’t ridden for a while, you need to be confident that your bike is working properly. The tyres might need a bit of air and the brakes & gears may need adjusting. It is always good to let an expert cast an eye over your bike. Most bike shops will offer a free basic service to make the bike roadworthy and if necessary faults can be identified, and repair work priced up. Find your local bike shop (


You really do not need to wear special clothes to cycle in! However you should consider wearing clothes that are comfortable and visible. Weather in the UK can be unpredictable, so try to choose lightweight clothes which you can layer up, (adding or removing as appropriate), and don’t forget your cycling gloves and sun-cream!


It is absolutely no fun running out of food whilst you’re out and about, so make sure you either have enough with you in a rucksack or pannier bag, or plan your trip around a café stop and take enough money with you as well! Bananas or flapjack are great energy boosts.


Your children many have received training but think about how confident you are to cycle; how happy you are in traffic and your technical abilities. It may be that your child’s training provider offers sessions for adults also, which would be well worth the time spent. Find a course provider near you.


This does sound a little bit obvious, but a well-planned route will ensure you have an enjoyable day out. You’ll need to know where your destination is, and what route you are going to take to get there. So take a moment to plan a journey, thinking about how far you want to cycle, and which roads you would like to use. There are a good few route finding apps available, or online platforms to use – take a look at our Top Tips for planning a successful family cycle ride to help you.

6. FUN

Pick a great destination; somewhere within cycling distance that will be worth the effort. But if you are just going out for a cycle ride for its own sake, think about some great places to stop or interesting routes to cycle along, so that everyone has a really fun and enjoyable experience. Take a look at our suggestions for 11 of the Best Places to Cycle in England for some inspiration.

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