Further Information

This page provides further information to encourage families and trainees to get out cycling more. It includes details about The National Standard for Cycle Training; it suggests where to find out about cycling events, rides, clubs and other activities; and it provides ideas for route planning. Plus signposting to lots more information, guidance and advice available from our cycling partners.

Why Cycle?

Why not? When there are so many good reasons to get pedalling! Improve not just your own health, but also our environment's health.

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children looking at road signs in cycle training booklets

The National Standard for Cycle Training

What underpins Bikeability? Find out a bit more about the skills and understanding needed to cycle safely and responsibly. The standard provides the basis for Bikeability and a range of adult cycle training programmes.

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man adjusting strap on cycle helmet

Additional Training

Bikeability is currently available for just over half of all children in year 6 in England, but what about everyone else?

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two men on a specialist cycle in a park

Links to further information

A table providing links and signposting to further sources of useful information about where and how to continue cycling.

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