Additional Training

Currently in England, cycle training provision is made for just over half of all school children in Year 6. However, this still leaves a wide variety of people still un-catered for - including adults who would like to go out with their children who have been trained.

commuters cycling along road

Oftentimes lack of confidence or lack of training will be cited as a reason that people do not cycle more, however this barrier can mostly be quite easily overcome, with more than 330 active professionally qualified, cycle training providers working in England.

Most training providers will be able to deliver a wide variety of training, including Bikeability Plus courses that are designed to get non-riders riding, parents involved and those without access to a working bike included. They will also be able to provide knowledge about local cycling routes/opportunities to enable continued cycling after training. More information on the Bikeability Plus modules can be found here.

If you contact a provider for either Bikeability, Bikeability Plus or other forms of training e.g. adult cycle training, do enquire about costs before-hand, because levels of funding per region are mixed.

To locate a local training provider, there is a search function on the Bikeability website here, or use an online search engine to look for ‘Bikeability Provider near [insert your postcode or nearest town]’.

In the meantime, here are a set of training videos from British Cycling to get you going. To note: the focus here is specifically on commuting.

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