Cycle Training During Lockdown

As schools begin to return teachers, parents and children should be reassured that appropriate infection control measures have been implemented for the safe delivery of Bikeability, which is more necessary now than ever.

Benefits of Cycling

Making sure that you and your children take part in Bikeability training will unlock benefits for your family:

  • For health. Exercise plays an important part to build a and maintain a healthy immune system, to fight disease and reduce your chances of getting some illnesses.
  • For wellbeing. These are stressful times, with social distancing having to be maintained and limited ability to travel, or see and spend time with friends. Exercise helps to release endorphins – the ‘happy hormone’ – to help reduce stress levels and anxiety.
  • To travel. With most people staying local, cycling is an excellent way to travel direct from home, there are no restrictions on how far or how long you are out for exercise (although do consider the ability of you and your family!), it is a fantastic way to get outside, breathe fresh air. You can explore new places local to home getting out of the house, and fighting cabin fever.
  • To make the most of an opportunity. Especially with the upsurge in cycling that has been happening over the last few months with more people and families than ever taking advantage of the quieter roads and opportunities to ride let’s keep increasing the nation’s cycling levels.
  • Bikeability can give you the confidence to get out cycling more. It is still an essential skill to learn to cycle on the road and interact well with other road users. There are other priorities like climate change, air quality and lowering carbon emissions, all of which have seen a positive impact from lower car use. Let’s use this situation as a springboard for positive change.

‘Covid-ready’ Bikeability Training

The Bikeability & Bikeability Plus Delivery Guides have been updated in line with the government’s guidance to make delivery with physical distancing as safe as possible, reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission, and provide reassurance to schools and parents/carers. The updated guides will be kept under review as new government guidance becomes available.

Bikeability providers will work with each individual school and adhere to any additional and particular measures being implemented locally. Schools and families can be assured that all training is delivered by a professional workforce and will meet all social distancing requirements.

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