Why Cycle?

Why not? When there are so many good reasons to get pedalling!

Improve not just your own health, but also our environment's health. You can do this by making the most of your family’s Bikeability skills – putting them to good use by swopping car for bike trips whenever you can. You'd be amazed what a difference one less car journey can make.

To encourage you we've compiled various links to interesting websites and reports with more information, plus some simple facts and figures about how replacing a few car trips each week with cycling can contribute to ours, and the planet’s general health and well-being.


Take a look at this handy calculator that will work out all sorts of health, carbon reduction, time and money benefits for you – all tailor-made, based on how many car trips you say you will swop for bike trips.


Our friends at Sustrans have some useful hints and tips about making your trips more environmentally friendly.

And check out what the Italian city, Bologna, is doing to encourage more cycling trips – free beer, icecream & cinema tickets! Perhaps you could encourage your local cafés to do something similar where you live?


If you fancy a bit of in-depth reading look at this fascinating report, commissioned by British Cycling, into the various benefits that cycling offers. Here are some key facts and figures, extracted from the report:

  • Shifting just 10% of journeys from car to bike would reduce air pollution and save 400 productive life years.
  • Cycling saves a third of road space, helping to reduce congestion
  • More cycling and other sustainable transport could reduce road deaths by 30%
  • Shifting 10% of short urban trips from car to cycle, in English and Welsh urban areas outside London, could save over 100 premature deaths annually.
  • If people in urban England and Wales cycled and walked as much as people in Copenhagen, the NHS could save around £17bn within 20 years.


Take a look at our partner, Sustrans’s webpage about the damage that air pollution from transport is doing to our health, in particular for young people.


There are, of course, also the personal health benefits of cycling – we’ve outlined a few on our Get Cycling page . In summary, regular cycling can:

  • Help to protect you from serious diseases such as stroke, heart attack, some cancers, depression, diabetes, obesity and arthritis
  • It is low impact and causes less strains and injuries than many other forms of exercise
  • It increases stamina, strength and aerobic fitness
  • It can improve posture and co-ordination
  • It can promote weight loss

And don’t forget to take part in our #CycleMore2020 campaign to help you meet your commitments

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