Help us provide more children across the country with a vital life skill and a rite of passage – learning how to ride a bike! An essential, sustainable ‘tool’ for the next generation.

Currently only about 50% of children in England have access to core Bikeability lessons. We believe that every child, including those with learning or physical difficulties and disadvantaged children, should have a right to cycle training. Independent research shows that Bikeability gives children the skills and confidence to cycle more often and more safely on today’s roads. By encouraging more people to cycle more often, Bikeability helps address some of society’s biggest challenges, such as childhood obesity, pollution levels and the growing climate emergency.

The Bikeability Trust is registered with the Fundraising Regulator and is committed to the Fundraising Code of Practice. To make a complaint about any aspect of our fundraising, please contact:

young boy cycling through cones in playground

Your donation will contribute to

providing a child with 2 hours of Level 1 training

Your donation will contribute to

providing extra training & equipment for children with special needs.

Your donation will contribute to

providing bikes & equipment to disadvantaged children.

man being helped on tricycle by cycle instructor

Your donation will contribute to

providing additional Bikeability Plus training to prepare children (and parents) before and after Bikeability tuition.


The Bikeability Trust is also now registered to receive donations for every purchase you make on Amazon. You shop, you donate…..simple!

There are a few, easy steps * to sign up:

  1. Use Amazon Smile every time you shop:
  2. Sign into your usual Amazon Account
  3. Choose The Bikeability Trust as your registered charity
  4. Bookmark Amazon Smile for all your future purchase
  5. There is also a browser extension called Smilematic which redirects one to automatically whenever you shop –

* Download a simple set up guide

If every time you need to shop on Amazon go through the Amazon Smile page you will be automatically generating funds for the work we do – thank you!

  • What we've achieved

    Since 2007 over 3.1 million children have received Bikeability training, and there are 2,750 professionally qualified instructors delivering Bikeability across the country.

  • Why Bikeability is important

    Children with better health and wellbeing have higher levels of school attendance.
    They learn to recognise, predict, assess, manage risks responsibly as well as gain confidence, self-esteem and independence.

  • Make a Difference

    Contribute to our future generation's health, independence, and ability to make sensible choices about how they choose to travel. Give them a chance to experience the freedom and fun cycling offers!

How your donations have helped

100% of your donation is used to provide additional Bikeability courses to children that aren’t currently able to access lessons (no overhead charges will be applied). There are many schools who can’t offer Bikeability training to children who want to learn as they don’t have bikes – your donations will help ensure that more bikes are available to enable training. Your funding will also help fund trainers provide children with learning or physical difficulties with the extra training time required, so they can achieve their Bikeability goals.

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