Professional Bikeability providers deliver on road and off road training to groups in schools, through clubs, to families or individually to children, adults, new learners and experienced cyclists. Ask in school or find a provider.

Arranging training

Bikeability is organised and delivered locally by registered Bikeability providers who can come to your school, club or workplace, or meet you for an individual session.

A lot of Bikeability training takes place at schools, in Years 5-7. If you’d like to bring Bikeability to your school, or find out when Bikeability is taking place, please contact your school.

If the training you would like wouldn’t normally take place through a school (for example, training for clubs, families or adult training), you can search for a local provider. We’ll give you a list of all the Bikeability providers working in your area (including your local authority, if they provide Bikeability), and you can contact all or any of them to find out more.

What happens

For school Bikeability courses children will be asked to bring their bikes. Training is usually split across a number of sessions in one or more weeks. Bikes need to be in a roadworthy condition. The Highway Code’s ‘Rules for cyclists’ gives guidance on roadworthiness but, as a starting guide, the bike should be the right size for the trainee, have pumped up tyres and two working brakes.

Some Bikeability providers offer loan bikes for trainees who don’t have a suitable bike available – check with the school or Bikeability provider to see if bikes can be provided.

For individual courses, the instructor and trainee agree a plan for the training session and agree a meeting point. Trainees should tell the instructor what they want to learn to make sure they get the most out of their training.