Our Bikes Our Adventure

Put family time first this summer; grab your bikes and explore the best of England together with Bikeability’s new campaign, Our Bikes Our Adventure.

Cycling offers an unrivalled way to spend quality together as family, whilst also being both physically and mentally beneficial to all riders.

To help children and families to put their Bikeability skills into practice over the summer period, have fun and experience the great outdoors together we’ve put together some advice and general hints and tips, case studies and a few videos.

  • Getting Started: Top Tips
    After receiving Bikeability training, parents can be much more confident in their child’s ability to cycle well on roads, and the trainees will be keen to get out and test their new skills, exploring their local area with mum or dad.
  • Hints and Tips – Riding as a Family
    It’s your first trip out as a family together, the bikes are ready, you’ve planned your route, you’ve got a picnic or identified the café, but how should you move along the road as a group? Here are a few tips to cycle with children.
  • Where can I ride?
    There are lots of fantastic, family-friendly routes for you to explore (many of which are traffic-free) around the country. The secret is knowing where they are and how to get to them as a family! Find some useful initial sources of information about where to ride.
  • Find a Group and Events
    There are a whole assortment of cycling groups and events around the country for all levels of experience and ability. All are keen to encourage new and young cyclists to get involved.
  • Looking After Your Bike
    Some helpful tips and resources to help keep your bike working well, because a clean & well looked after bike is a happy bike, and a happy bike makes a happy rider!
  • Additional Training
    Bikeability is currently available for just over half of all children in year 6 in England, but what about everyone else?
  • The National Standard for Cycling
    What underpins Bikeability? Find out a bit more about the skills and understanding needed to cycle safely and responsibly. The standard provides the basis for Bikeability and a range of adult cycle training programmes.
  • Case Studies
    We love to celebrate success, so here is a selection of stories and case studies from across the country.
  • Parent’s Handbook
    The Parent’s Handbook has been designed especially for parents, guardians or carers of young cyclists who have just completed their Bikeability training. Its aim is to share with you what they have learnt and to give you the confidence to go cycling with them on roads of cycleways.
  • Bikeability Videos
    These videos have been created to show you what your child will learn from each of the Bikeability modules, both in terms of safe cycling skills and the broader behavioural benefits of learning to cycle confidently and safely.
  • Useful Links
    Quick links to national and local cycling organisations.
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What to do with this list

These registered Bikeability providers have said they deliver Bikeability training in your area, either through scheduled courses or in response to individual requests. If your local authority provides Bikeability, their details are at the top of the list.

Please contact any of the listed providers by email or phone to discuss your training needs.

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