Some partner resources for families during lockdown


Whilst the UK is still under lockdown, many organisations are producing useful resources for families around cycling and road safety, including the two below:

Brake Zebras

Produced by our partner Brake, the road safety charity, this resource is for children, families and teachers to find out more about road safety. The website provides free on-line tools, activities and knowledge to support children as they try to find out more about road safety. There are lots of activity sheets, interactive games and videos to help everyone understand these important messages.

So become a road safety champion, learn why speed matters, even fundraise! Take a look here.

HSBC UK Let’s Ride Local with British Cycling

HSBC UK Let’s Ride Local aims to provide support, encouragement and activity ideas for families cycling during the lockdown. Because taking the family out on a bike ride is a great way to get some fresh air, exercise and a dose of feel good!

The resource has been developed in response to an increase in the number of families cycling together since the Government introduced its social distancing measures at the end of March. Data from Sport England shows that 18% of those who are currently cycling are doing so with children in their household, and figures released by Cycling Scotland earlier this month also highlighted an increase in cycling levels across Scotland.

So to learn to ride, Cycling tips and advice, find a ride, and tips on social distancing while cycling, head on over to the site!

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