2020 Bikeability Awards: Instructor of the Year – Winner – Anna Hay

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A national Bikeability award programme is held every year to reward and promote the amazing work that the Bikeability industry and trainees do.   Further background.

Bikeability instructors, such as Anna, have a wide range of skills, dedication and patience, delivering amazing results. The story of what Anna has achieved helps to highlight what a contribution instructors make. And explains why Anna is such a worthy winner of the Winner – Instructor of the Year 2020 Award.

First and foremost, Anna is an exceptional instructor who always demonstrates best practise. She consistently delivers the National Standards for cycle training to a high standard and creates a learning environment that is fun and enjoyable. Over the last year she has delivered training in 32 schools with an average feedback score of 9.6 out of 10 across these schools.

Anna consistently develops great relationships with schools, teachers and children built on regular feedback and communication which is informative and celebrates achievements. The consistently high feedback and testimonials she receives demonstrate the fantastic rapport and reputation she has created in the 6 years she has delivered Bikeability training.

Last summer, Anna worked as the Instructor delivering 4 Bikeability Plus modules (Balance, Fix, Learn to Ride and Promotion) to four schools in rural Fenland communities across Cambridgeshire over a five-week period. Supporting children in these school, she was very proud of the fact that in the Learn to Ride modules she helped 47 children to learn to ride for the first time.

Anna’s achievement with these school are listed below:

  • The number of children cycling to school rose from 158 to 337 (increase of 113%)
  • 83 children were introduced to cycling through Bikeability Balance training
  • 47 children learnt how to ride for the first time
  • 32 children became junior bike mechanics through Bikeability Fix training

A strength of Anna’s work is her natural supportive approach in any situation. Anna has guided lots of riders with additional needs to either start their riding journey or develop their skills further. Often helping these children to achieve additional benefits to cycling, boosting confidence, self-esteem and enjoyment at achievement.

She is also particularly good at supporting newer instructors, boosting confidence and developing their knowledge and skills, through being a great role model and discussing instructors’ strengths and areas they could work on, always in a positive way.


From schools: 

B suffers from a condition called Bardet-Beidle Syndrome. There are many symptoms, one being visual impairment. B had the chance to experience the feeling of riding a bike for the very first time. We discussed her limitations and felt that the tandem bike was definitely the bike for her. With lots of encouragement, and her lovely TA helping to guide with Anna’s support she was riding for the very first time. “My legs and arms get very tired very quickly so this was a big achievement because I can’t see very well, I have to use a cane, going on the tandem was brilliant! As the person doing the riding at the front could see for me.”

C had become a very reluctant learner at school. He would often lack motivation and interest in most subjects leading to a closed mind set.  Anna got C to try different types of cycle at the try out show. He was particularly interested in the half bike, which is very difficult to ride. Then the magic happened, Anna got him lapping the track. Not only did the whole crew at the show give C a round of applause but so did his peers, his teachers and his mum who was working at the school on the day. A very emotional and happy day for mum. After speaking to her mum later, she explained how his love of cycling has been the catalyst to a great improvement in his studies and that she was so pleased he has found something which has helped improve his studies and his outlook to learning.

From a Headteacher: 

The children enjoyed the games that Anna used in order to practice their skills. The children who have ‘learned to ride’ are thrilled in acquiring this new skill. It was absolutely wonderful to see the joy on their faces when they mastered the skill of riding independently. Anna’s use of simple phrases which the children chanted really supported their understanding.

From fellow instructors that Anna has supported: 

“Anna is an exceptional instructor. She has a natural way of imparting information to both students and instructors alike which is calm, informative and professional.  Having worked with Anna on quite a few of my sessions I have found her to be an excellent peer mentor managing to make me feel proud of my achievements yet also making me aware of the improvements I can make to my practice in a positive way.

The children love her, and she always works in a progressive, understandable way no matter what age or ability the children she is teaching are.  I am immensely proud that she is being put forward for this award as I cannot think of an instructor who deserves it more”.  Sam Pritchard (Fellow instructor who Anna peer mentored)

“I was mentored by Anna not long after starting to deliver Bikeability training. She made things very clear and precise and had an immediate effect on my way of teaching which became much more ordered and easier for the riders to understand. It also cut down on my talking time. She is great fun to work with and has great constructive advice and tips and some fun games too!!”  Sarah Lensen (Fellow Instructor who Anna Peer mentored).

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