2020 Bikeability Awards: Runner Up – Instructor of the Year – Joe Webb

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A national Bikeability award programme is held every year to reward and promote the amazing work that the Bikeability industry and trainees do.   Further background.

Bikeability instructors, such as Joe, have a wide range of skills, dedication and patience, delivering amazing results. The story of what Joe has achieved helps to highlight what a contribution instructors make. And explains why Joe is such a worthy winner of the Runner Up – Instructor of the Year 2020 Award.

Joe is a hugely experienced instructor with a calm, professional and friendly manner, allowing everyone involved to learn and develop in a positive way. He is passionate about removing barriers to cycling, whether teaching or promoting best practice within the community.

Success delivering Bikeability in secondary schools: Historically, secondary schools are a low-demand age group. Joe has nurtured relationships, resulting in increased training year on year. He delivers in over 70% of Bromley’s secondary schools. Some schools having 80+ applicants, mainly Level 3.

Learn to Ride for adults and children: Many of the adults that Joe has trained describe how they believe that they had missed their ‘learning window’ and would never ride again, but find themselves joyfully becoming a child again, as they begin to ride on their own. Numerous children have been trained as well, including those that lacked confidence, had disabilities or experienced difficulties learning.

Escorted rides to work and school: Joe dedicated time working out suitable routes and and accompanies cyclists form their homes to work or school, ensuring their safety and giving support towards making them confident, independent commuters.

Many thanks for the escorted ride into work and cycle training last Friday. I found it very useful, really enjoyed it and am sure I’m now much safer on the road, for myself and others around me. I don’t think it’s any exaggeration to say the confidence it’s given me has completely changed my attitude to cycling into work, and generally around London. I still can’t quite believe I got such a good service provided for free and at such an unsociable hour in the morning!

Police Stops: Joe participates in local Police Education Days. He uses these opportunities to engage the public and promote Bikeability and bike safety.

Bike maintenance courses and Dr. Bike: A qualified bike mechanice, Joe runs Dr Bike sessions and delivers bike maintenance courses to enable cyclists to carry out the basics on their own bikes. Throughout these interventions he is helpful and encouraging, with a knack for putting people at ease so tasks don’t feel daunting.

Charity work: Joe continually organises Juniors’ outings for the charity Ordinary2Extraordinary (O2e). He accompanies the participants, offering support and advice along the way.

Another O2e charity ride Joe organised consisted of a group of families travelling to Ypres with a focus on the history of WW1. Three families, with their five children (aged 9-15) participated in a 90-mile trip spanning 2 days.

Youth Offending team – Bike maintenance: Joe was part of the team who supported Bromley’s Youth Offending Team improve their Ofsted rating by delivering a series of bike maintenance workshops with young offenders. Although it was an exceptionally challenging audience for them, Joe and the team did have some results and were able to spark some interest from some of the clients.

Infrastructure design: Joe liaises with Bromley’s traffic engineers and planners regarding designs for new cycle routes in the borough often introducing them to issues they, as non-cyclists, had not thought of.

Testimonials from parents: 

I never thought it possible…. The challenge to get Lily [age 8] riding had been difficult, she’d had a bike since turning 3 yrs old but she just didn’t have the confidence or balance to go it alone. That was until she met Joe. A little apprehensive at the start, Joe soon brought Lily out of her shell. He started with all the techniques I’d taken for granted. How to sit, stop and start off, things I didn’t teach her as I thought she’d just know…. Joe’s encouragement and determination didn’t waiver, and within 20 mins, she was riding by herself and by the end of the lesson, she rode home. The fight was over; she was riding and all thanks to Joe! Joe, you were bloody brilliant. I can’t thank you enough.- Jo

I cannot thank you enough for the life changing 2 hours you spent with my children today. Callum was really scared of cycling and wanted knee pads and elbow pads and Sophie just thought she couldn’t do it (too old to learn). When you left they were both careering round the green with grins on their faces. I am joyous that you achieved so much in such a short time. … you made it effortless and fun. …. I am so proud of them both but it really is thanks to you and the way you taught them. I think all our lives will change as we go cycling together in the summer. It will get me out too as I love cycling and now have an excuse. Sophie asked me if she could send you a message too: “Initially I felt nervous (because of my age) to get back on a bike however with your support and patience I just got it. Thank you! Sophie” Both children are (quite rightly) feeling very proud of themselves tonight. Thanks again to you and the team for making this easy, painless and free…



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