2020 Bikeability Awards: Runner up – Provider of the Year – Cycle Confident

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A national Bikeability award programme is held every year to reward and promote the amazing work that the Bikeability industry and trainees do.   Further background.

Bikeability providers, such as Cycle Confident, work tirelessly to ensure that all their Bikeability training delivery in schools is of a consistent high-quality, their instructors are professional and they have excellent relationships with school representatives. The story of what Cycle Confident has achieved helps to highlight what a contribution providers make and explains why Cycle Confident is such a worthy Runner Up of the Provider of the Year 2020 Award.

Cycle Confident is a well-established Bikeability provider operating primarily in London, which was awarded Bikeability Provider of the Year 2019. They deliver Bikeability to 16 boroughs and 1 university. In the first 4 months of 2020 they have already trained 43,000 people.

They deliver Bikeability according to the principles and practices of the Bikeability Delivery Guide. In line with the Trust’s guidance, they understand that no child should be failed – Cycle Confident recognises every child’s progression towards cycling to the National Standard and keeps parents included in this process. To deliver a high quality scheme, they maintain efficient management and administration – their business management system has achieved ISO 9001 (quality management) and 27001 (information security) certification.

To support engagement with parents and communities, Cycle Confident uses innovative approaches. For example, 2020 marks the fifth year in which they have supported Hackney’s ‘Bike Around The Borough’ event. Their commitment to delivering Bikeability at a local level is further exemplified by relationships with the Hornbeam Joyriders and Cycle Sisters community groups in Waltham Forest, who Cycle Confident has strong working partnerships with.

Cycle Confident is passionate about making cycle training accessible. They ensure that it is inclusive of all participants, working with local authorities and schools to ensure proper SEND support in both mainstream and specialist settings.
Cycle Confident’s Bikeability delivery thus helps to improve the quality of life and life chances of local communities in its boroughs, and enhances the sustainability and air quality of these local areas too. Cycle Confident work closely with Transport for London to deliver the Mayor’s Transport Strategy through Bikeability training.

In 2015, Cycle Confident was also involved in redrafting the FORS Safe Urban Driving course and developed Van Smart. Their ongoing place on the Bikeability Sounding Board has been particularly key over the past year, directly shaping the new National Standard for Cycle Training towards which all Bikeability participants’ progress.

Training cyclists and influencing policy around improving their future safety core to Cycle Confident’s philosophy. By continuing be involved in policy work and strategic discussions, Cycle Confident remains central to London’s cycle training landscape today. In this manner, they provide a crucial contribution to the London Cycling Action Plan’s target of doubling the number of cycling trips made every day in London, from 0.7 million in 2017 to 1.3 million by 2024.

Cycle Confident’s Bikeability scheme provides opportunities with clear pathways and entry points to enable people of all abilities to cycle more confidently. Cycle Confident uses their extensive experience of promoting and delivering Bikeability and mechanics training to provide a uniquely high-quality service.

Testimonials from Local Authority clients

We have had a contract with Cycle Confident to deliver Cycle Skills Training in Lambeth for 6 years and I have had the pleasure of managing that contract for its duration. The team are very easy to work with … I have found Cycle Confident very good at creative solutions to problems or opportunities. Together we have been the top provider of individual training in London for a while. We also use Cycle Confident for Dr Bike sessions, we run one a week over the summer and one a fortnight over the winter and have ad hoc events where we provide a Dr Bike mechanic service … We have all but one primary school now doing Bikeability and this is testament to Laura’s persistence and patience when it comes to working with schools.  Generally, Cycle Confident are very positive and proactive and a joy to work with. I would very much recommend them to run your cycle skills training.
London Borough of Lambeth

Cycle Confident has successfully delivered Enfield’s regular cycle training and supporting services since 2013, including Dr Bike pop-up sessions and mechanic courses, guided Sunday rides, Safe Urban Driving awareness training and ad-hoc event support.
We have been very happy with the quality and professionalism of the service delivery and contract administration. Cycle Confident have built capacity to adjust to ever increasing programme scope and budgets, respond well to changing demands and proactively support our local delivery to meet public demand generated by our Mini-Holland infrastructure and complementary schemes. 
London Borough of Enfield


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