2020 Bikeability Awards: Runner up – Provider of the Year – Cycling Instructor Ltd

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A national Bikeability award programme is held every year to reward and promote the amazing work that the Bikeability industry and trainees do.   Further background.

Bikeability providers, such as Cycling Instructor work tirelessly to ensure that all their Bikeability training delivery in schools is of a consistent high-quality, their instructors are professional and they have excellent relationships with school representatives. The story of what Cycling Instructor has achieved helps to highlight what a contribution providers make and explains why Cycling Instructor is such a worthy Runner Up of the Provider of the Year 2020 Award.

Cycling Instructor Ltd provides first class Bikeability training delivery, management and administration on behalf of all their London Local Authority clients, establishing close partnerships with them as well as schools. They are also a Recognised Delivery Centre, offering Bikeability instructor training.

This however, is assumed by Cycling Instructor Ltd. to be only the starting point for what a provider should actually deliver. Innovative and inclusive practices are at the core of their delivery with an over-arching goal of ensuring that cycle training not only reaches under-served communities, but also equates to long term transport behavioural change.

For example, they have been delivering an innovative and all encompassing cycle training intervention called the Camden Community Cycling Project (CCCP) which has achieved the following:

  • CCCP successfully appeals to underrepresented groups through consistent weekly delivery across the entire year, at locations at the centre of the local community.
  • 50 bikes provided every session to cover the whole range of ages
  • With such regularity, along with high visibility due to the size of project and word of mouth, Cycling Instructor Ltd. attract 90 individuals per session in peak season, thus 90 individuals undertaking Bikeability activities of some kind.
  • Attendance is over 90% from BAME backgrounds, the largest group being from the local Somali community (20%) where many people’s first language is not English.
  • The CCCP project has been designed to engage families as a whole, as opposed to streaming age groups to specific types of training. This leads to family modal transport shift in the longer term.
  • The project delivery has grown from 144 attendees in August 2018 – 403 in July 2019.

Other examples of successful partnerships with secondary schools illustrating the importance of cultivating strong relationships in order to facilitate full spectrum training engagement include working with Stepney Green Computing Math and Science College to ensure that Cycling Instructor Ltd. could schedule, assess and train the entire Year 7 in-take at this secondary school. The school demographic is 99% from the BAME community. To deliver Bikeablity training to all pupils Cycling Instructor Ltd.:

  • overcame senior management timetabling concerns
  • delivered 35 bikes to ensure all trainees had access to training
  • Supplied instructors in sufficient volume to train all 180 Year 7 children within a two week window. This schedule was the only way they could access all children due to school scheduling.
  • provided high quality management, administration and communication which was key to ensuring smooth delivery within such constricting parameters.

A further example shows the strong relationship with Bensham Manor school (SEN school ages  11 – 18) where Cycling Instructor Ltd. has delivered all inclusive cycle training at this school for many years and has engaged with the vast majority pupils. It has also trained several members of staff at the school to become Bikeablility instructors in order to provide a cycling legacy at the school.

As Robin Berwick (Deputy Head) says: ‘…Bensham Manor was recognised by Transport for London as a ‘School of Excellence’ for promoting independent travel and cycling. This recognition was granted to only 5 schools in the whole of London. Bensham Manor was the only special school recognised and the award was another example of the effect of Cycling Instructor Ltd’s input. The work Cycling Instructor Ltd have undertaken in Bensham Manor over the years has transformed access to cycling and engagement for our pupils and we very much hope this will continue in the future.’

Stepney Green Maths Computing and Science College also offers a testimonial about the training it received:

This year all of our year 7’s completed 5×1.40 hour sessions of high quality cycle training. This is a total of 180 students. Our main contact was Mr Craig Hollins. Communication both before and during the course was exemplary. Bikes were delivered and assembled significantly before training commenced. In addition, existing bikes were thoroughly serviced and checked. This made for a very smooth start to the course.

Student’s ability was assessed before the training began which minimised lost time at the beginning. Students were then organised into ability groups prior to the training. This level of differentiation definitely helped to make sure students were working at the correct level and ultimately had a more enjoyable experience. The management of risk was outstanding. Students were only permitted to move to cycling on the road once they had met the necessary level of competence.

All cycling instructors were professional, organised and communicated to our students in a calm, supportive and motivating manner. All instructors were punctual and always stayed until all of the necessary practical and administration tasks were completed.

All of our groups are mixed ability and many students have SEN or EAL. These student’s needs were considered and met with the appropriate level of support.

As a school we are currently working towards achieving our Gold Healthy Schools award. A large part of this is promoting and encouraging Healthy lifestyles. By giving students the confidence to cycle for recreation and pleasure has been extremely beneficial in helping to change some attitudes towards regular physical activity and health.

I would have no hesitation recommending Cycle Instructor Ltd to another school and am hopeful we may be able to build on this programme into the future. Cycling Instructor Ltd have been delivering this service to our school every year since 2016.

Head of PE


Testimonial from a local authority:

Cycling Instructor Ltd have been delivering cycle training in Brent for the last 5 years. The initial 3-year contract was extended to 5 years and following a retendering exercise last year, they have been awarded the contract for a further 3 to 5 years. They are responsible for delivering cycle skills training for both adults and children and other cycle related activities such as Dr Bikes.  We are very happy with the services provided by Cycling Instructor and are pleased to say that to date we have not received any complaints from residents or schools about the delivery of this service.

The number of people receiving training has increased every year and it exceeds our KPI’s. The booking system is easy to use and as all bookings are followed up by individual instructors prior to the training session the number of ‘no shows ‘is minimal which helps us to maximise our budgets.  Monthly reports are always completed on time and adhoc information provided quickly if required to both the Council and TFL.
London Borough of Brent



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