2020 Bikeability Awards: Trainee of the Year – Runner Up – Aisha Jesani

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A national Bikeability award programme is held every year to reward and promote the amazing work that the Bikeability industry and trainees do.   Further background.

Aisha was trained by the Bikeability provider, Cycle Confident last summer at her school – Holland House.

Aisha was really keen to take part in the cycle training despite having a PICC line (a catheter that is inserted into a vein for long-term intravenous antibiotics, nutrition or medications), and her father attended the session to assist, as he has received the necessary medical training. Aisha’s determination to take part made it so easy for us to organise the training, as her ambition was utterly infectious!

Aisha took part in the full course and achieved Bikeability Level 2; she is now a keen cyclist and took pride in her accomplishments on the course.

Aisha and her parents have continued to cycle since the training. Currently, she is staying at Great Ormand Street hospital, though she hopes to be back on her bike soon.

Aisha has been nominated in recognition of her admirable resilience and inspiring determination.

As her teacher and parents said: ‘This nomination will go a long way in lifting her spirits.’

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