A collection of short stories 2019 – How Bikeability training has inspired more cycling

Your Stories

Thanks to all those that entered the 2019 Bikeability Story Competition we are able to publish a selection of inspiring short stories – tales of how Bikeability training has encouraged individuals, families and friends to get out cycling more regularly.

You succeeded where we failed!

by Helen W.:

“Our feisty 6 yr old was rejecting our multiple attempts to get her going on her bike. Bikeability was arranged by Devon County Council through her primary school – Exwick Heights, in Exeter in Autumn 2019. This is the first time our school has run Bikeability training for Year 1 children. The course was run over 4 days in school hours.

My daughter who is quiet strong willed loved it! We can’t believe the difference in a week when we have tried for years! Jess is now riding confidently and has importantly learnt about safety too. Thank you!”

We can now enjoy cycling as a family!

by a proud parent:

“Earlier this year (Jan-Feb 2019) my daughter took part in one-to-one Bikeability training. She had been trying for many years, with no success to cycle independently.

In the end, I had to give in and find somewhere that would teach her. She spent 4 weeks attending a course at Fly 417, where they got her riding on her own with no stabilisers on the first lesson and her confidence and ability grew from there. So much so, that they even got her on some of the basic tracks.

As a family we can now cycle together and she loves going in the woods and through the muddiest, wettest puddles she can find regardless of the weather and time of year.”

Overcoming after Bikeability

by a proud pupil:

The author explained how their mother taught them to ride a bike at 3 years old. Biking was their passion! At the age of 10 years old however unfortunately their bike was stolen.

They explained that they were devastated as it was a brand new bike which had only  been ridden 3 times and was a birthday present. They couldn’t stop worrying that their bike would get stolen again. However Bikeability helped to change their way of thinking. In their own words, “We cannot live life in fear and expect a positive outcome, my instructor was great and I am now confident to ride a bike again, my mother is proud and I must say that I am proud of myself!”

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