A Parent’s View of Bikeability

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In July 2019, Emily completed her Level 3 Bikeability at a school in Poole. The brilliant Bikeability team of Karen and Rob had worked at the school for over a year, delivering Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 training. Emily went from non-rider to rider! Emily’s mum Angela kindly agreed to answer a few questions.

Has the training benefitted your Emily?
100%! 16 months ago my daughter could not ride her bike. With the help of the whole team she is now a confident, proficient cyclist that that’s the correct knowledge and understanding of cycling safely on our busy roads.

And did Emily actually enjoy the training?
Definitely so. The training was fun and in small chunks so their confidence grew and developed over time. It was great to have feedback on what to work on at home too!

Has Emily passed on any cycling tips to you?
All the time I am being told what I or other cyclists on the road are doing incorrectly! It is really nice to see that the training is done in such a way that so much information sinks in.

So you think bikeability training is a good idea, why?
I think bikeability is great. As children become older they want to gain independence. As a parent it gives me confidence in allowing my child to ride safely knowing that they are given the correct information and training to keep them safe on the roads. It not only helps them for cycling but general road safety, having a greater knowledge of traffic in general will only help them when crossing roads alone or in the long-term learning to drive.

Doing this course could save your child’s life. Correct information, practicing in a safe environment, fun, confidence building, knowledgeable trainers, peace of mind for parents, learn new skills. It’s a great course! And a big thank you to Karen and Rob who delivered the training so well.

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