Bike to School Week 2019 Mini-stories

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Practice makes perfect

My son and his friend went from stabilisers to free riding in just two days, thanks to the amazing expertise of Simon from Aspire-Sports. He gave them confidence and praised them well, encouraging them constantly. He had a brilliant manner with the children and was very enthusiastic. he made learning to ride so easy, my son Mason then went on to do a further bike riding course.


Biking to School becomes the new norm

After our family holiday to Centre Parcs, where the family hired bikes and used them to get to all the various places, my 8 year old daughter was inspired to continue using her bike at home.

In the past, the children used to only ever ride their bikes if I insisted. Although I had managed to teach them to ride their bikes, they never saw them as anything more than something they had to do because I’d asked. Our recent break to Centre Parcs, where we impulsively hired bikes and used them constantly, was a real turning point. My daughter has continued to cycle to school every day since the start of term. She locks her bike up at the front of school and is inspiring others to do the same, I’m very proud of her.


Getting involved in Bike to School Week 2019

My daughter Hannah heard about the bike to school week and wanted to get involved. She wasn’t able to ride her bike without stabilisers and decided to learn how. She practiced every chance she had after school. She worked very hard and within a few days she had done it. Her older sister Sophie helped and supported her. She is now looking forward to taking part in the sponsored bike ride for the Rainbows group she attends. We are all so proud of her, she was very determined to do it, and she has.

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