Bikes are still the best present

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My son was diagnosed with Autism this summer (2019), he’s just turned 12 and has spent the majority of his childhood in his bedroom not wanting to play outside with his siblings or friends. We bought him a bike for his birthday and not only has it transformed him but it has also transformed our family!! We have spent EVERY single day of the summer holidays biking through forests around Yorkshire and Nottingham going to bike parks to practice skills and are now biking to and from school!!! We just LOVE it.

We have quite a large family, mum, dad and 6 children ageing from 20 to 5 years old. We have been on so many adventures as a family this summer, all with our bikes and have had so much fun!!

It all started in June this year when “Jude” turned 12 and he got a bike for his birthday. He was so interested in biking that the two youngest children, aged then 4 and 6 learnt to ride too and our adventures and skills both on and off road improved immensely.

We started with simple bike rides around home, to the park or shops and then progressed onto visiting either Dalby forest, Sherwood Pines or Leeds Urban Bike Park everyday of the summer holidays.

Buying a bike as a birthday present has totally transformed us as a family, at the beginning of the school holidays 2 of our children couldn’t even ride a bike and now, just a few weeks later, lots of practice on forest trails and bike skills parks we are leaving our car on the drive during the week and have a ‘biking train’ to school and work!! It has improved fitness but most importantly it has given our autistic child a new zest in life!!!

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