Bristol Council’s success securing Sport Premium funding for Bikeability Plus sessions

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Emma Downey, Bikeability Manager at Bristol City Council says:

“Schools are generally happy to spend their Sport Premium funding on Bikeability, I think they are glad to be able to use their budget. We just mention it right from the start.

We had a school last summer that used it to train 54 children at Level 2 when previously they would only have one or 2 groups of 10. We currently have another school who are using it to try and increase the numbers who want to take part in Level 2.

The other thing that tends to work is to offer a school a block of training for an entire year group to do a mix of Bikeability Learn to Ride and Level 1 depending on abilities. We supply bikes and 2 or more instructors over several days and they group the kids accordingly. It’s a good way to get older children riding and train large numbers.

We only charge £5 per child for Bikeability Learn to Ride, Bikeabiilty Balance and Level 1 and £10 per pupil for Level 2 or 3 but this might be too much for some parents so we suggest the Sport Premium funding so they don’t have to pass costs on to parents.”

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