Cycle training at Northern House School, Solihull

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In the spring of 2019, Solihull MBC completed a training programme with Northern House School. Because of the specialist nature of the teaching and pastoral care provided to pupils at Northern House, instructors from Solihull MBC designed a bespoke programme that would provide the most appropriate training outcomes to children and keep them engaged throughout the duration of the training.


The programme began with a bike fix session for the younger students, then over the following three weeks taught students in school years three and four how to ride for the first time.

Next, Years Five and Six students were taught basic cycle maintenance skills, then progressed to Bikeability Learn to Ride (if required), followed by Bikeability Levels 1 and 2, with one child progressing from non-rider to achieving Level Two. Finally, students in the senior school were taught bike maintenance and Bikeability Level 3.


Whilst, by the provider’s admission, the above did present its own challenges, the overall outcome has been extremely positive for pupils, with the added bonus that the instructors themselves took away a good amount of valuable experience from delivering the training in this way to the pupils of Northern House School.

“I know I am biased but to say that I am so proud of my instructors who delivered the different elements with students out of the main stream element of school and how they handled situations with no training is an understatement. A total team approach from the delivery of Frog bikes by Tony, the maintenance delivered by the instructors supported by Andy and of course my instructors.”
Lorraine Doran, Sustainable Travel Officer for Solihull MBC

The children created the starburst diagram and drawings, and this news post to celebrate all that they had learnt.

I believe that this is testament to how fantastically inclusive Bikeability can be, to support the well-being of children and encourage everyone from all areas to take part in turn the training has made a world of difference!

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