Cycling stories under Covid-19 lockdown – Mum gets on her bike, thanks to her kids support!

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The Polkinghorne family from Newton Abbot have been enjoying cycling during the lockdown, with an admirable amount of ‘pester power’, as explained by Hayden:

“I’d been looking forward to Bikeability lots and was saddened when lockdown began!

But the Monday after ‘no limit to exercise’ meant that my mum didn’t have an excuse not to join me and my brothers on our bikes ( well almost no excuse she didn’t have a bike). She was always saying how she used to ride to school but we didn’t believe her!! Until my mum got a new car she was worried to drive without dad!

So needing to go to town and planning to walk….we gave her the challenge of riding our dads bike! My brother asked if she had a licence, even offered his helmet worried mummy would fall off ! Eventually after every excuse possible , we won and off we went riding to town !! Almost , the chain came off ! Good job she had her phone as we learnt how on You Tube!!

On we went to town and I led the safe way making sure mum didn’t get lost. Eventually we rode back and we had such a fun time , it was funny when the elderly neighbour asked mum how the electric bike was! Mum wasn’t too impressed.

BUT she loved it so much we’re looking for a pre-loved bike that’s safe so mum can leave the car and come with us more often . We wanted to visit London as we moved to Devon and mum says it’s 212 miles to be way ! Between the 5 of when we find a bike we will be cycling around Devon (just to see if mum could ride to London as well as drive ! )

I can’t wait for a bike for mum. “

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