Delivering Bikeability Plus in Callington, Cornwall

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Bikeability Balance, Bikeability Learn to Ride and Bikeability Parents are currently delivered free to trainees using DfT funding applied for by the Arena School Sports Partnership (SSP).

  • Bikeability Balance develops those crucial early cycle handling and awareness skills in 4-7 year olds using games on balance bikes, trikes or adapted cycles.
  • Bikeability Learn to Ride is for riders who can balance, this module is designed for anyone who has yet to master pedalling. Suitable for any age.
  • Bikeability Parents is a compressed core Bikeability ‘taster’ to boost knowledge, confidence and skills for parents and teachers who ride.

Initial interest in Bikeability Parents is sparked by contact with instructors and a flyer sent home along with Bikeability trainees certificates. School networks and online parent groups have also played a key role in raising parents’ levels of interest in the course.

The session is delivered in one, 2-3 hour session separately from Levels 1-3 as a hands-on ‘taster’. Due to juggling busy diaries and varying skill levels, Arena School Sports Partnership (SSP) has found that groups of three work best.


As Julie Ponting, Bikeability Manager says, ‘Almost all parents love the idea of the Bikeability Parents module, although of course not all take part. We’ve had great feedback from our sessions – and we’ve had everyone from the near-beginner to regular club riders. They love this session: everyone gets a lot out of it, and it often inspires more or better cycling as a family’.

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