Keep up with the Joneses on their annual multi-day cycling adventures

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Ben Jones of BicycleVolt has always tried to inspire his two kids to make cycling a key part of their lives. As part of this, Ben and his wife have organised family multi-day cycling adventures for the last few years.

Ben says, “We started off by doing a 2-day adventure cycling round Stranraer in South West Scotland. The cycling was tough (and the kids were a little worried beforehand) but we sweetened the pill by having fish and chips and huge ice creams at the end of day 1 to keep our energy levels topped up for day 2.

Last year, we did our biggest adventure yet: a 3-day bikepacking round trip through the Scottish Borders and North Northumberland. We took everything on our bike racks, including tents, sleeping bags, and clothes. It was tough going – over 95 miles of hilly terrain – but we all managed it and arrived back at our starting point with huge grins on our faces.

It was a fantastic experience that really bonded us together as a family. I must admit I had a tear in my eye as I finished. Don’t tell the kids!”

Ben is looking forward to their next trip this summer!

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