My son has learnt to ride over three lessons and completed his Bikeability Level 1!

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My son is on the autistic spectrum, has hyper mobility, a weak core and high anxiety. This combined, has prevented him from trying to ride without his stabilisers. The feeling of trying and failing was just too much for him.


We had heard about a particular instructor whom was meant to be very good with children ASD. My husband took my son along for the first lesson, as I did not want to witness him being upset and disappointed. However, after 15 minutes my husband called me and just said ‘where did you find this guy’! He was absolutely blown away that our son was riding unaided.

Chris just understood and got our son immediately. He instinctively knew how to approach him, put him at ease, and spent time talking to him about cycling, the dangers, about balance etc. Just AMAZING!


My son can go out on rides with his dad and family. He can feel more confident, build his self-esteem and celebrate his achievements! Whilst being able to also get some fresh air, more exercise and increase his core strength.

This is giving him some freedom and a chance to have more social interaction, which are all positives! It has also opened up wider opportunities for the whole family and including his older brother.

As a parent whom runs a social/activities charity for children with special needs, I was so inspired that I have organised for other families to have the opportunity to also learn to ride. Our pilot session starts in the Easter holidays. With the right teaching and coaching anyone can achieve!

I am just blown away and so happy for him! This is life changing as he will now be able to go out with Daddy on bike rides, (after achieving his Level 1 they did a 14 mile bike ride on Route 61, which was awesome.) have fun, get some fresh air and exercise, increase his confidence and self-esteem and feel so proud of his achievements ?

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