Our adventure trail on bikes!

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Our family always enjoy a bike ride regularly to and from school. One Wednesday recently, when we rode home from school we were greeted with a note which contained a clue.

While the children had been at school dad had put together an adventure trail, with a series of clues linking from place to place in and around the local estate in which we live.

Our challenge was to find the missing pieces of a LEGO structure by following the clues to the locations. We had to break codes to solve locations which took us to places including a local park cafe who had kindly taken in our next clue and a part of the LEGO structure (we even got a hot chocolate).

Our next stop was the local woods and then to Poundland store which the security guard had our next clue, then to our local park and finally to our back garden where the final piece was.

Our children found this so exciting and are already asking when our next one is. We were out for over an hour and a half and the children loved every second.

It was great to see how helpful the community was, they were so friendly and went along with dad’s crazy idea.

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