Tales of cycling achievements under Covid-19 lockdown

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Martin, a Bikeability instructor from Norfolk explains the impact that lockdown had on his family’s cycling behaviour:

“Just before lockdown we purchased a second hand lightweight 20″ bike for my son with gears as his single gear steel bike was far too heavy for him. We replaced the tyres and put off-road tyres on the bike. From the start of lockdown we began cycling as a family for our one hour’s exercise and we started on the road moving to footpaths and bridleways as the traffic increased. Having lived in our town for 12 years my partner and I were amazed at all the off road areas we did not know existed and regularly cycled 10-12 Km a day. This really encouraged my partner to get back on her bike that has been in the garage for seven plus years gathering dust.

As a family we then wanted to explore further and managed to book a slot before the school summer holidays to have a tow-bar fitted to the car and we purchased a three position cycle bike carrier and drove out to High Lodge in Thetford Forest to explore the off-road trials. We have had, and continue to have amazing family days out with our bikes exploring Thetford Forest and our local area. As Summer turns to Autumn and Winter to continue cycling my partner and I are looking to trade in our hybrid cycles to purchase mountain bikes to continue our all year round outdoor family activities”.

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