William tells his story about how Bikeability training has influenced his cycling behaviour

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William, from Milton Keynes received a Runners-Up award in the national Bikeability Awards 2019 – for Trainee of the Year.

At the start of the Level 1 course, William was very nervous & lacked confidence. His cycling ability was  poor, he struggled to ride in a straight line & keep control of his bike. He repeatedly said he couldn’t do it, that it was too hard and he wanted to give up. After some 1 to 1 training with an instructor William managed to improve his riding enough to complete Level 1 although he still didn’t feel very confident. He said he would go away and practice more in preparation for  the Level 2 course the next day. On day 2 it was obvious that he had been practicing as his ability had improved considerably although he was still full of nerves regarding cycling on the roads. Within minutes of the group leaving the school, William had stopped and moved both himself & his bike onto the pavement. He said he wanted to go back to school because he was afraid of the traffic. After talking with William for a short time, he decided to give it a go. Starting with an instructor alongside him as he rode, slowly William began to gain confidence and he started to enjoy the course. With constant encouragement, positive comments and reassurance William began to shine. By the end of the course he had successfully completed the course and earned the Level 2 certificate & badge. His confidence had risen as had his cycling ability.

William explains how he undertook Bikeability and what a difference it has made to his everyday life:

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