An Introduction to Tools For Schools

Cycling is far more than just a physical activity with all the benefits that brings - it is also a key life skill providing an opportunity to develop social skills, thinking skills, resilience, perseverance and independence.

Developed in consultation with schools, teachers and Bikeability instructors, Tools for Schools is a suite of cross-curricular resources to help schools (EYFS - KS3) to engage with Bikeability more easily, either with, or independent of the practical training. The resources are intended to inspire and excite all children and young people of all abilities about the benefits of cycling (to them and the environment).

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Tools for Schools Flyer

  • Tools for Schools Flyer

    An Introduction to Tools For Schools (PDF)



Tools for Schools will ensure your school maximises the benefits Bikeability can bring, promotes and celebrates participation, and uses the hook of cycling and bicycles across the curriculum with the Tools for Schools Learning Resources.

Below is a summary of the contents in each of the different sections:

  • What?, Why? & How?
  • Learning Resources
  • Promote & Celebrate
  • Case Studies
  • Just for Fun

What? Why? How?

A series of tools to support your school’s engagement with Bikeability:

  • What is Bikeability?
  • FAQ sheet: Organising Bikeability training Levels 1, 2 & 3 for your school
  • Poster: What can Bikeability do for your primary school?
  • Leaflet: What can Bikeability do for your primary school?
  • Poster: How can Bikeability benefit secondary School students?
  • Leaflet: How can Bikeability benefit secondary School students?
  • Editable letter to Parents/Guardians
  • Sample Consent Form

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Learning Resources

A toolbox full of curriculum linked and flexible resources to meet your pupil’s needs developed in consultation with schools. Downloadable teacher guides, prompts and pupil resources suitable for starter activities, consolidation of learning or to support full lessons, including:


  • Understanding the World – Picture This!
  • PSHE & Physical development On our Bicycles – Bikeability Balance
  • Physical development & Physical Education – “Red, Amber, Green – Roundabout!”
  • Expressive arts and design – Let’s All Cycle Collage
  • Communication & Language. Physical development. Understanding of the World – A ‘Magic Bicycle-Pencil’ Adventure


  • English – Poster Power!
  • PSHE & Science – Cycling and my body
  • Science – Which everyday materials are bicycles made from and why?
  • Geography – Cycling In my Community
  • Art and Design & Geography – Terrains, weather, cycling model making


  • English – “Let’s cycle more”
  • Science and PSHE – My heart – Beats per minute tracking fun!
  • Maths, statistics, data, mathematical operations – Cycling Detectives
  • English – Poetry Mulga Bill’s Cycling Journey
  • Geography – The cycling holiday of a lifetime

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Promote & Celebrate

Creative tools to help you promote and celebrate Bikeability across your school. Flexible and editable to meet every school’s needs. Posters (EYFS- KS3), display materials and slide presentations to engage pupils and families and for celebration assemblies too, including:

  • 5 Posters: EYFS
  • 5 Posters: KS1 & KS2
  • 3 Posters: KS3
  • Create-A-Display tools; Top Tips; downloadable bunting and borders; logos and illustrations

Take A Look

Case Studies

A variety of real life experiences from schools, instructors and individuals shared through case studies, highlighting how Bikeability is delivered in schools, success stories, different views on training and delivery, plus other useful hints and tips for parents and schools, including:

  • Primary Schools & Bikeability Instructors
  • Celebrating Participation in Bikeability
  • Bikeability Level 3
  • A Participant’s Viewpoint

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Just For Fun (KS1 & KS2)

Engaging cycling and bicycle themed activities for wet weather playtimes, after-school clubs or family engagement, including art, design & craft activities, board games, jigsaws, maths, number and word challenges, poetry and geography activities including:

  • Just For Fun Pack
  • Individual Art & Design activities

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